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Meine Welt von morgen: Charles Goodhart

29. Juli 2009

Was kommt nach der Krise? Die FTD fragt prominente Ökonomen. Heute: Charles Goodhart (72). Der Brite ist emeritierter Professor der London School of Economics und war Chefvolkswirt der Bank of England. Er plädiert für flexible Bankenregeln: In schlechten Zeiten sollten die Institute weniger Eigenkapital vorhalten müssen, in guten mehr. Lesen Sie hier seinen kompletten Antwortbogen in Originallänge:



* Has the time of the United States as the world’s leading economic power come to an end? 

No. Europe is not unified.  Japan is going backwards.  China has a long way to go and has political problems.  The US will remain the world’s leading economic power for the foreseeable future.

* In 2020, will China be the world’s economic superpower, or will it have collapsed just like Japan and other former would-be economic powers of the world?

If China can develop from a one party state to a stable democracy, it will eventually become one of the two or three main superpowers.  But this will not happen by 2020.

* What economic policy strategy would you recommend to the new US president Obama?

Pay more attention to reform of the housing market, including housing finance.  Maintain free trade.  Introduce universal health care, while at the same time establishing a credible programme for reducing the fiscal deficit.

* What is the most radical change in our global economic system that you would like to see?

Require all senior bank executives to hold a, non transferable, unlimited liability share in their own bank, until death or three years after leaving the bank, whichever is sooner.

* What sort of major step would most likely prevent the most disastrous effects of global warming?

Impose a varying world-wide tax on oil/gas/coal that adjusts so as to maintain a minimum price on CO2 usage.

* Would it be better to regulate capital markets as heavily as before 1980 again?


* Will globalisation suffer a major setback in the next few years?

Yes.  Regulation will shift towards tougher host country control.

Von Birgit Marschall

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